Is ati 1gb hd5470 good for gaming

hey al,
i am an IT student ,for almost a month i hav been in search of a perfect and affordable gamin laptop for me. dell vostro 3700 with 1gb 330gt nvidia card was a good option for me,and it costs only 62000 after tax,etc. but nw i m in a bt problem coz wen i contacted the dell coustomer care they said they dont provide diz laptops to student and its sold under any companys name,i.e the coustomer should be doi some buisness nw i am so confused and heartbroken...and i m shifting to dell 1500 series laptops and they are givin ati 1gb hd 5470 graphics card . i want to knw is it good option to have diz laptop or is there some other which u cud suggest me ... plz help..
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  1. It is not a good gaming card. You would have to go up a series HD55xx or 56xx to be considered for gaming.
  2. NO!!!!!!

    Well that was a little harsh. The 5470 not much of a gaming card at all. It may play less demanding games on low, or older games on medium and high depending on how old :D. If you want to play any modern games you really need to look at something with a better GPU. I say get a laptop with at least a mobile Radeon 4650 or an nVidia GT330.
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