X-fi Titanium fatal1ty not working

Ok so I just got my new X-fi card today, it has installed fine no issues I done the up date fine. The computer nor any of the creative programs say its there yet it shows up in my sound devices and in my device manager just fine.

Any ideas?

mobo is a gigabyte Ga-965p-s3 as well incase that helps and win 7

I've disabled on-board sound, installed the latest drivers and yeah

With no drivers installed what so ever and the system picking the card up as a hd audio device i am getting sound through it
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  1. That's a dilly of a pickle. Mine worked straight away, bit of fiddling with the win 7 drivers as I had a beta copy of win 7 and the drivers werent 100% compatible at the time, but it worked none the less. There should be a creative update program there, try that maybe it might need to update some of the software rather than the drivers. Another suggestion would be to remove the card completely, boot up, stick the card back in and see if it recognises it then, and then if that doesnt work remove the card, boot up and uninstall the drivers and software, reinsert the card and boot up again. After it's installed the card, then install the drivers and software and see what happens.
  2. Use either the Daniel_K or PAX driver set; My advice is to not even bother with official Creative drivers anymore.
  3. Thanks guys, I am trying the Daniel_K one now will let you know.

    did not work
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    Download and install Driversweeper
    Run in Safemode
    Check off Creative
    Click Analyse
    Click Clean
    Restart normal
    Do re-install as admin
    you could also try a different slot
    What's with all the Nvidia devices?
  5. it part of the gfa card
  6. ausghostdog said:
    it part of the gfa card

    I know but i only have one listing in my device manager
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  8. dude you are god thank you
  9. ausghostdog said:
    dude you are god thank you

    No problem bud i'm glad i could help!
    Driversweeper is a handy app very useful for sound and gpu problems
    use it everytime i update sound and vid drivers.
  10. Which driver did you install after reboot? the Creative driver from disk or the Daniel K driver?
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