Using a free Biostar A760G M2+

Hello, I recently got a free Biostar A760G M2+ motherboard. I thought I'd make a cheap basic system from it for internet/email light photo processing, etc.

Question: Is it worth basing a new system on this MB, considering I also have extra DDR3 ram available and can't use it with this MB. If so, what's a good processor to match the MB?

If it's better to use the DDR3 ram I have available, what's a good MB/CPU combo to build a basic system?

Thanks for any input.
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  1. I would try selling the board on craigslist first, or the anandtech hardware for sale forum. It only takes a few minutes to register. For a combo deal, newegg has a biostar htpc board with sempron 140 that uses ddr3 for around $66-72 shipped. The link is on slickdeals on page 2. Newegg ships to the usa and canada.
  2. Quote:
    why do you think it was free.?

    Because someone gave it to me and didn't ask for anything in return ;)

    I know it's not a high end MB, but that's the point of building a basic system. In the end I decided to just go ahead and get some RAM and an Athon 64 X2, use up a bunch of spare parts and be done with it.

    I know myself - an innocent decision to get a different board would lead to "I should probably put in a better power supply" and "well, if I'm going to do ABC, then it would be a shame to use an old XYZ". "It will only cost another $xx to upgrade the processor to a blah blah blah." In the end, I'd have more computer than I intended to build, less money, and still a bunch of spare parts laying around.

    For the record though, I was surprised by the Biostar MB. I didn't have any experience with them, but it's working great and giving me exactly what I wanted with no problems.

    Thanks everyone for your input.
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