Best for the money - AMD X4 965be or Intel i5 760

I am building a new system for my brother he wants an all round machine for gaming + graphic design programs,

I was going to go for a AMD AM3 build with the 965 cpu:
With this Asus-M4A79XTD-EVO motherboard:

Would it be worth going for a slightly better intel i5 760 set up for just a few £'s more?

What platform will be sticking around longer 1156 or AM3?

And also could you recomend some good 1156 motherboards that support crossfire, pref. under£80

Thanks for any input!
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  1. Anyone?
  2. They are both worth their price. It's up to you:

    What platform will be sticking around longer 1156 or AM3?
    The most powerful processor that will ever be released on 1156 is the i7 880.
    For AM3, it is the Phenom IIx6 1090t or for quad lovers, phenom IIx4 970 (3.5 GHz)

    No more CPUs will be released for either socket.

    Motherboards with the AM3 socket are not limited to 8x PCI-e mode in a crossfire configuration, if the specific motherboard supports it. No 1156 motherboard will support 16x dual mode.

    Both sandy bridge and bulldozer will be released on new sockets. current AM3 CPUs will work in the new AM3+ motherboards but bulldozers will not work in AM3 motherboard.

    So basically, they are the same. The 1156 socket has more powerful CPUs but they won't be worth the upgrade when you are looking to upgrade. And both sockets are equally out the window.

    i5 is more powerful than the phenom II. Might be worth the upgrade, might not.
  3. Either chip will, more than likely, suffice just fine. Keep in mind the extra cost (usually $50 or more) of the intel MB over an equivalent AMD one in your total system cost.

    Unless you absolutely need top echelon performance (or bragging rights), generally an AMD setup will get 99% of jobs done for less money.

    I like Intel, but have been ticked off with their annual socket changes. I do own both Intel and AMD processors.
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