XFX 5670 or 5770??

I purchased a XFX 5670 and have 30 days to exchange for a 5770..should I do it??
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  1. If they are the same price, yeah! Assuming it will fit in your case and you have a sufficient power supply of 500-600 watts or more. The 5770 is a larger card that takes up more space and need additional power input most likely. But it's a slightly better card. The 5670 is pretty good though. Nothing to complain about there.
  2. ...a lot of the new 5770 are built on smaller boards similar in size to the 5670 and the card does not need a 600w PSU unless you bought it from walmart. A solid 400w unit is more then enough for the 5770.
  3. The 5770 will fit in any case as long as its not a "slim" version of a pre-built PC.

    The 5770 does not need a "500 or 600w PSU, you can easily run a 5770 with a mediocre 450w as long as it has an available 6 pin PCI-E cable.

    The 5770 is by far superior to the 5670, it all comes down to what games and resolution you play at.
  4. I have a Corsair 550w power supply, so i think i'm safe there.

    They are not the same price but if i exchange it, I will only have to pay like a 40 dollar it worth it?

    I want to play most of the modern games like Starcraft 2, Battlefield 2, Empire: Total War, Crysis, etc...

    I also, play at 1600x900 resolution. 60 hz

    So 5770???
  5. 5770 at that res. should be fine. Can prob run all/most of those games at med. to high settings.
  6. but is it worth the extra 40 bucks? would there be that much of a difference from the 5670?
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    It is worth the extra 40$. Go get your 5770!
  8. haha, cool. will do. thanks!
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  10. the extra 40$ gives you double the SP's, more overclocking headroom, eye-finity, I can go on and on...
  11. When I was building my own system, this thought never occurred to me. Well all the people already answered the question, for $40 extra there is a huge performance jump and both cards doesn't support Eye-finity? That feature is only useful if you plan on having annoying breaks on your screen because your linking multiple monitors together. I say it is well worth the upgrade and if you plan on CrossfireX that card basically beats out 90% of any single gpu on the market maybe even every single gpu card on the market lol.
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