Need quality mid-tower case to accept Dell T3400 guts

I have a Dell T3400 Workstation I use for video editing. It has four 3.5" hdd bays, and I really could use six. Is there a good mid-tower case 22-1/4" tall (or less) that I can easily migrate the guts of my Dell T3400 Workstation to? I am told that the T3400 motherboard is BTX. Right now I just need more hard drive bays, but in the future I would want to upgrade both the motherboard, PSU and video card/s.

I have never built a computer before. I have only changed processors and PCI cards, cut cases, and added fans and mesh. I could probably figure out minor cabling issues, but I am just not up for a major project right now, as I just have too many other time requirements. Right now I just need more hdd's and the ability to upgrade later.

Also, USB 3.0 is very important to me. My current mobo is not USB 3.0, but I am sure I will want it in the future. Do I need to get a case that has USB 3.0 support built into it right now? Or can the USB 2.0 ports be upgraded to USB 3.0 in the future, provided the motherboard has USB 3.0 support?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Actually, how many hdd's can I use on this mobo? I have 6 SATA ports, but will they all accept hdd's?

    Is it possible that I can use one SATA port for an optical drive, and use the remaining 5 for HDD's, and stay within this case?
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