BSOD after SSD install

Hello TH

I have just installed a SSD on my Lenove Thinkpad L512, an OCZ Octane S2 with updated firmware..
And just out of a sutton it blue screens.. it has not done it with a normal HDD, but with the SSD it has done 3 - 4 times now in a period of 20 min... also when it reboots it says BOOTMGR missing, or something like that.. '

i dont have a clue of what is wrong..

i have set the bios for AHCI and then i formated the SSD if have also tried the same on the compatibily mode and then it just freeze´s

Please help me..
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  1. This sounds like failing hardware. you can confirm by obtaining a bootable version of seagate sea-tools (its meant for seagate drives, but will fully test other manufacturers as well) boot up to it, and run the extended tests on your SSD, if you see problems or fails, you got your problem.
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