Which Graphics card to get.

I just bought this monitor
it hasn't arrived yet and I have a crappy graphics card that needs to go.

I was wondering whats the best card I can get with out bottle necking. Also how much should i push this system. Is the motherboard good enough so that I can buy different processors and get good performance out of it. Im not expecting running crysis in high settings or anything that crazy. I would like to know what you guys think what is possible with this system. The motherboard has a slot for a second processor. I just dont know what is possible with this setup.

So whats possible? What graphics card should I get? Should I mess with adding a second processor or upgrading the old one and adding a second one? I use the pc for photoshopping,video editing and Music programs like Fl Studio, thinking of picking up a sound card too.


System Type: Dell Precision WorkStation 670

C8509 Processor, 80546K, 3.2Ghz, 2M, XNI 800, N0
XC837 Printed Wiring Assy, Planar Xeon Paxville, C4, PWS670
D6599 Dual In-line Memory Module, 1G 400M, 128X72, 8, 240, 1RX4
D6599 Dual In-line Memory Module, 1G 400M, 128X72, 8, 240, 1RX4
P9222 Card, Graphics, 128, V3100, ELGA8 Lead Free
YF439 Hard Drive, 160G, S2, 7.2K, 9G, 3.5WD-HAWK

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  1. Not knowing the size of the PSU guessing the card is difficult. But a basic cheap gaming that will run on a 300watt PSU is HD4670
  2. A couple of websites say that it comes with 650watt supply.
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    Looking at your XEON it looks to be from the end of the NetBurst time (P4). Those processors are getting long on the tooth. Actually a GPU more powerful than the HD4670 I linked to probably would be bottlenecked by the CPU. Rather than upgrading that system a full upgrade may be in order.
  4. I havnt built a system from scratch before, so I was hoping I just get this one working right. The card I have in there right now is crappy and I was thinking spending around $50 would make a big difference in performance.
  5. Then the HD4670 is your card This is the best deal at the moment but if this comes back in stock it would be great deal
  6. Thanks rolli, I am going to keep an eye out for 4th of july deals for that card.

    Anyone else have any input? More opinions would be appreciated.

    Another question.. If i wanted to build a new computer, would I be able to just buy A new motherboard, cpu, memory, and just keep the case and rest of the stuff? Because then it wouldnt cost so much and I can just buy a better Graphics card and save up for a SSD HD and a 2tb regular drive for storage.
  7. Chances are that the server case does not fit a std ATX motherboard but then again it might. Changes are that the Dell 650 PSU is not a std ATX PSU but then again it might. HDD and optical drives no problem they will work in a newer system but newer motherboards have only one IDE connector for 2 devices the rest is SATA.
    Combo deals like this could be a start to a updated system
  8. anyone else have any input/recommendation?
  9. Well, If your planning on building a new system then a budget would be nice to know so we can further assist you! If you too nervous about building a system then watch a few youtube videos on how to build a computer to help make up your mind. Please get back to me on updates, I really want to help you with this issue...
  10. Im not planning on building a new system for a while, I just want to get good gaming performance with what I have. I just want to know what graphics card is worth buying without wasting money on something that will get bottle-necked.

    To tell you the truth, Ive changed out hard drives and cd drives and pci, agp cards before but some of the stuff in this pc i just dont understand. It has all these connections in the back, RAID, and I dont even think i configured the second HD right since there is stutter in my video since i did it. and my burner dont work right either. I think I got lots to learn and understand before I think of building something else.
  11. Im buying the card in 3 days. this higher resolution monitor needs a better card because playing games at low res sucks ass.

    anyone else recommend a good card for the system?
  12. ECS NGT240-512QI-F GeForce GT 240 512MB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

    Newegg has this card for 44.99 do you guys think its worth it for my system? I will probably buy it within the next 4 hours so let me know soooon!
  13. ordered.
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