Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 or i5 760?

In a couple of days I am buying a pc from someone and I already know that it has the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550. So should I sell that proccessor and buy the i5 or keep it. Is there a big difference between the 2?
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  1. I am getting this pc for cheaper than it costs to buy the processor brand new from I was planning on upgrading the motherboard later on so that I can install more RAM but if I were to buy the i5 then I would buy a motherboard that I would be able to eventually upgrade to an i7 with.
  2. alright, thanks
  3. Intel LOVES socket changes. I suspect this is to maximize their profit by knocking the consumer up for a premium on a new motherboard chipset. Your Q9550 is a socket 775 and is 100% incompatible with an i5 socket 1156 board. Both sockets will dump you in incompatibility-ville with respect to future (significant) CPU upgrades. If the price is right, the 9550 will be a very capable chip for almost every home-use application you can throw at it, including the latest and greatest games not even yet released. You may want to investigate the MB that this PC has you are buying. You probably will want to be able to add a good video card to it in the future. It possibly could be lacking a PCI-E slot which would prevent you from doing that. Also, it should be able to support at least 4GB of memory. DDR2 is what it will have, and you may want to pick some of that up soon since it will likely be hard to find (and expensive) in the not-too-far future.
  4. The PC that I am buying is the HP Firebird (VoodoDNA803). I know for a fact that it has PCI-E slots because it has 2 graphics cards installed both of which are broken sort of. But I was planning on buying a motherboard for the 9550 that supports up to 16 GB ddr3 ram.
  5. I wouldn't upgrade the motherboard on that system unless you got it for really cheap.
  6. I'm not sure that you could upgrade the motherboard on the Firebird, since I'm pretty sure it's custom due to the type and size of it.
  7. i may end up taking the parts out of it that I can and building a different pc out of them with a bigger case.
  8. can someone tell me why q9550 still more expensive than i5-760???
  9. The parts are being phased out and will only become more scarce. Expect prices to stay static or even RISE.
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  11. also with the older cpu and motherboard the PCI-e slot may only be 1.1, which is not normally compatable with newer 2.1 cards. Still compatable with the 2.0 cards though.
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