Picking a graphics card for an e521 upgrade

I've been upgrading an old e521. So far, I've upgraded the RAM to 4GB, upgraded the PSU, and replaced the processor with an AMD 64x2 5800+; I'm not sure what to do about the graphics card. Is there any practical limit to what I can put in the box other than size of the card itself? I bought a GeForce GTS 250 and had to return it because it was a double profile card and as a result did not fit into the e521 case. I'm looking at getting a single profile GeForce 9800 GT to replace it, but I haven't made any final decisions yet. My concern is that the motherboard won't be able to handle a card released more recently.

And another question; I've heard conflicting reports about the reverse compatibility of PCI-E x16 2.0 cards in 1.x slots. What's the verdict?
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  1. You will be fine with the 9800GT the PCIe 2.0 std is backwards compatible with the older 1.x
  2. 5970 is your best option
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