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Having issues with my 5970; is it dying?

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June 19, 2010 12:09:56 AM

Ok, so I've had some issues with my 5970 ever since I got it. The first sign that things were odd was that I had a driver crash a couple weeks after building the rig. I looked it up online and saw it was a common issue so I thought it was a fluke. Then I've had some bizarre start-ups where everything before the desktop will show up on the screen six times with a ton of lines through them (imagine if you were playing a six player splitscreen game except the "game" is the BIOS and windows loading screens). Then about a week or week and a half ago I left my computer running while it was downloading something only to come back and find that it had rebooted while I was gone. There was a kernel-power error 41 left in the event viewer so I knew it was either a crash or there had been a brownout. However, since I've never had issues in games (beyond what "could" have been artificants in some places but they could have been graphics glitches within the games/3Dmark themselves) I figured everything was okay. However, just now I was playing the last boss fight in crysis when the game suddenly crashed to a blue screen with error 3D I think.

Now here's what I know about the situation: It definitely isn't a power issue since I'm running a 1200w PSU (Antec TPQ-1200). The CPU is a voltage hungry chip but I've had it running at 4.01GHz stable before (stability judged by a successful 24 hour prime95 torture test) although lately I've kept it at stock clocks just because the PC hasn't felt completely stable and I want to eliminate all variables. For that reason nothing else is overclocked either. Also, I've got a ton of errors in event viewer although I don't know if this is normal or not (note that the other critical event was definitley due to a power outage so ignore it):

Finally, I suppose it's worth double checking to make sure my graphics card is hooked up to the PSU correctly. It's alright to have it connect with one cable like this right, or does the 5970 need two cables?

Also, after doing some play of the same level in Crysis for several minutes the temps appear to have maxed out at 80C for "GPU1", 77C for "GPU2", and 78C for "GPU3" (I assume that's the VRM temp) according to GPU-Z. The room temp is 29C.

So what do you guys think? Do I need to RMA the GPU or should I try some more diagnostics? And what should I use to diagnose?

Also, I originally just installed my 10.5 drivers over my 10.4 drivers so I thought that may be the problem. I just tried uninstalling my 10.5 drivers and installing the 10.6 drivers and while the desktop still displays in 1920x1080 CCC now won't open. If I try to launch anything related to it the cursor will blink and the loading icon will come up for a second as if the program is about to open but I never even get the splash screen. I've already tried uninstalling/reinstalling again with no luck. So now I've got another problem.

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June 19, 2010 4:24:58 AM

Hey there,

1. Cat 10.6 drivers are having major issues for end users. Cat 10.5 as well. Personally 10.3 are rock solid. Remember to use driver sweeper/cleaner to get rid of registry entries before installing new drivers. People say you don't need to, however, just to be sure. I never used it, but recently I did and it solved a few issues.
2. On my rig, I have SEPARATE 6pin and 8pin power cables connected. Be sure to check which end goes in which. ie, my power cables are labelled "this end PSU" and "this end VGA". Not sure if it makes a difference.
3. Crysis temps under load seem normal. Cards are rated @100C under load. If temps>90C create a fan profile in CCC. I have mine @50%.
4. Under GPUz, why do have GPU3? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you should be showing GPU1 and GPU2.
5. Check that card is seated properly.
6. Try a clean install of Windows. It's a last resort, but I imagine you would installed/uninstalled countless drivers to get things going.

If all the above don't work, you may have to RMA. I have had countless problems with my rig. Hang in there.

Good luck. :hello: 

PS You may want to look into cable management. It would be a shame to spoil such a great card with untidy scenery.
June 19, 2010 4:43:39 AM

+1 Good advice i'm running Cat 10.4 problem free.
Also i'm a big proponent of DriverCleaner which used to be free have switched to DriverSweeper samething really, works very well.
Has resolved countless issues over the years with my gpu's.
Works great for audio problems too.
Run DriverSweeper in safemode
clean ATI
run it everytime you change CCC versions
way cleaner installs imo.