How to use SSD and raid0 at the same time

My motherboard is giga 890xa-ud3, I installed one ocz v3 120 and two WD 1G blue in raid 0 mode, in BIOS, I have to set SATA mode to raid, but this affected my SSD performance, in Raid mode, the max read rate is only 380/m, but in ACHI mode, the read rate can reach 550/M, anyone has advices? thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm not familiar with that specific motherboard but many have multiple channels (like my ASUS has 2 complete SATA sets).

    If you don't have that you can always get an inexpensive SATA-RAID card (host based but then again your motherboard RAID is also probably host based).
  2. Thanks for the reply, good SATA-Raid card is expensive and may occupy pic-e bandwidth, downgrade the display card. There is another set of channels on my motherboard, but it is JMB36x, very poor raid performance, maximum 115/M, that is why I want to use the AMD SB850 set to do this.
  3. To match the performance of what's onboard (the onboard that you're seeking to make this work with) would probably not require an expensive card. Most motherboard host adapters are host based (no dedicated processor or memory). So A $40 would probably match the performance of what you have while allowing your SSD to run full speed.
  4. With that mainboard you either have to accept the poor performance or get a PCIe SATA card.
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