Dell Laptop Display displaying red lines

Well hello there, I seem to be having some problems with my video card.

A while back I was playing a game and all of a sudden the game sort of exploded into angry red and green lines and fractured images of the frozen game. I turned the computer off and tried rebooting but it would never go past the loading windows screen. I was able to boot, eventually, in safe mode by disabling my video card drivers. Now I have faint red lines in a alternating box pattern that is visible on darker colors.

I reinstalled the drivers for the card, as the screen's max resolution had changed to 1280x1024 and was no longer able to run anything requiring 3d acceleration but every time the computer would not load past the windows screen.

Has my video card died? Will replacing it fix the problem? Is there a way to check?

The computer is a: dell inspirion E1705 running. Windows 7 Ultimate RC with:

Intel Core 2 Duo t7400 @ 2.16ghz
Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS version 1.10 A09
2048 MB RAM
Nvidia Geforce go 7900 GS

Also would it be possible to upgrade this card?
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    It looks like your card died. The upgrade question can only be answered by Dell, if they had a better card available for your model it is a possibility. Hope you have warranty, laptop card replacements are expensive.
  2. Ah, how unfortunate, is there a way to check definitively? I am no longer under warranty and the card is rather expensive. Once, after taking the card out, applying contact jelly, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers the computer booted normally but after that boot it stopped working again. Thanks though.
  3. That was what I suspected, getting a card on the used market takes a lot off searching, is difficult and pricey (maybe looking for a cheap laptop with a different problem and combining is an option). There are not many cards for sale on ebay at the moment
  4. Oh I meant is there a way to make sure my video card is completely dead? I can buy the card directly from dell (I checked it is defiantly the cheapest option).
  5. Looking at that you already have taken the card out cleaned everything (all fans) put it back together and it shut down soon after booting all points to the card. If you still have a doubt the only way is to test in another system, unless you have access to another laptop that accepts the card it would be difficult.
    Just out of curiosity, how much is dell charging for a card like that?
  6. 150 plus shipping or somewheres there about; I am lucky that is card is not integrated into the motherboard otherwise I would be looking at a much higher price. I don't have another laptop to test this card as there are very few dell laptops with this specific architecture. Thanks for your help though; I'll just have to bite the bullet I suppose.
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