G15 Keyboard USB issue ?

Wasn't sure where to post this, whether here or in peripherals, but here goes.

I've had a G15 for about a month or so, kept it in good condition, but after installing a few older video games on my computer that I scaled down to run in compatibility mode, I noticed that my LCD panel stopped registering. It just sits with G15 up on it and doesn't respond. I've tried reinstalling the software for it, no success. The only way to get it to register and function like normal is to remove it from the USB port then put it back in. I've tested the USB ports with various devices: digital cameras, external hard-drives, memory sticks, mp3 players - they all work.

Could the installation of older games somehow corrupt the G15 software - or do I have a bad keyboard? Is the male USB connector dying? Or is it something else, more obscure that i'm missing?

Input is appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. Wait a second...! First off, do you have the version of G15 that has the orange lights with 6 G keys or the other one with blue lights and like 12 G keys?...In addition, when the LCD stops registering, do the lights flicker all over the keyboard?
  2. blackhawk1928 said:
    Wait a second...! First off, do you have the version of G15 that has the orange lights with 6 G keys or the other one with blue lights and like 12 G keys?...In addition, when the LCD stops registering, do the lights flicker all over the keyboard?

    Sorry for not clarifying, I have the version of G15 with the orange lights and six G keys. But the lights don't flicker, the display just sits on G15 and does nothing. It's like it's locked up.
  3. I have the same issue but the lights flicker and its incredibly annoying. And I have the same one as you. Hopefully "we" can get some answers.
  4. At first I worried that it was my motherboard's USB connections, so I tested those, but i'm 90% sure that's not the case.

    Did your issues start after starting older games in compatibility mode as well? Or just compatibility mode in general?

    Maybe we can isolate this problem if we figure out if our setups have anything in common. Here's what I have.

    MSI mobo, model k9n6pgm2-v2 ( microboard. )
    Windows 7 Ent.
    Logitech G15.
    I connect my mouse through the keyboard USB but it's also a logitech: MX518

    Just thought of something else, could our power supply be giving irregular voltage to our USB ports? I didn't notice anything with my USB items, but then again.... I do have an older PSU.
  5. I've the same keyboard but do not have any of those issues.. Try uninstalling the drivers completely (use revo uninstaller or perform a normal uninstal followed by a ccleaner registry sweep).. I mostly feel it is some registry screw up issue.. On a second thought, the keyboard might not be getting enough power from the USB terminal (highly unlikely though).. If you have it connected on the front USB port then try connecting to one of the back USB ports.. Also make sure there are not many other USB devices connected and operating at the same time (mouse can be an exception)..

    P.S. - MX 518 can operate fine on the P/S2 port by using a USB to P/S2 adapter.. In any case, don't connect it to the keyboard USB port..
  6. Hmm maybe I should remove it from the keyboard then - maybe that's it ?

    - Didn't seem to change the issue.
  7. Well, my issues are hardware based, it doesn't matter which software or OS I use I have the same issue, and this issue sometimes goes away and sometimes comes back...it weird. I might get the new G11 anyway, it looks good.
  8. I like the g110, not sure what a screen can really help you with.
  9. This may be a boot issue blackhawk192.

    I found this on the logitech website:

    "Some computers and motherboards have problems with USB devices during boot up.

    1.If you have the option to “Boot from USB” enabled in your computer BIOS, disable it and reboot your computer.

    2.If this does not work, try enabling Legacy USB Support in your computer BIOS."
  10. ^Well I mean, this issue isn't constant. Like yesterday I opened it up fiddled around with the little main board, re-plugged the LCD connecter and everything work perfect and its been working good for a few days now. I opened it months ago and it worked for a long time but then one day you come home and the lights flicker. I will try the boot advice though, sometimes it works and when I reboot it starts flickering so i'll try it.

    And duk3, i got this G15 before the 110 or g19 or any of those even existed...way back in like 06 or 07. And at that time this keyboard was beast.
  11. My G15 still locks up on the display screen, the keyboard works. The Logitech website proposed reinstalling after doing a registry wipe like Emperus suggested, but that did nothing. I'll probably look at my USB mobo settings next time I boot as well. I just would like to figure this out sooner rather than later, because if it's a keyboard defect I am still under-warranty and would try a replacement.


    Guess i'll call logitech.
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