HDD randomly disconnects when playing video..please help

My WD Blue HDD is 4 months old. Until now, I've never had issues with it. The last two days my HDD has
been disconnecting randomly. Sometimes it will reappear, and other times I have to restart my computer once
or twice to get it back. Also, I get a message saying "The Recycling Bin on F:\ is corrupted. Do you want to empty
the recycle bin for this drive?" (This HDD is for downloads only. Torrents or other files.)

As far as problem solving:
I have not changed cables or switched ports. I will try this if it continues, but I suspect the problem is somewhere
else cuz it has been running great for 4 months with the same cable.

Any suggestions?
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  1. You can run diagnostics on your hard drive. Select your model here:

  2. I can see my drive under "My Computer" but I can not get total access to it.

    Also, I opened the WD diagnostic program and I can't run a scan on my device, cuz
    it's not listed on the top half of this image:

    If I try to open some folders I get "Access Denied" or "You don't currently have permissions
    to access this folder". While, some folders allow me to access the content. WTF
  3. Strange.....I guess switching cables and SATA ports would be next. If that doesn't work, I would contact Western Digital since it is under warranty.
  4. I'll try that. But gotta run out for a while. I'll update later. Thanks for your suggestions.

    If I returned this HDD then that would be 2 out of 2 failures. One failed after a month, and I hope
    I never have to deal with the headaches it causes again.
  5. I switched the SATA and power supply cables on my two HDDs, and the HDD with issues still did not start correctly. I then connected the HDD to a different power supply cable and SATA cable (now HDD is in external slot) and it seems to work fine. I'll leave it as so and see if any other problems come up. However, I'd prefer keeping the HDD internal cuz of extra fans to keep it cool.

    Also, I ran the Extended Test (1-2hrs) from WD and it "Passed".
  6. I know this is kind of an old thread, but I had similar issues recently with TWO of my drives randomly disconnecting (and by random, I mean random... there was no way to predict when it would happen) and had seen this thread (and tried the suggestions also) while trying to solve my issue but to no avail.

    I did, however, discover the cause of the problem after replacing the motherboard and having another odd issue with that one. The cause of the problem for me was an extra motherboard riser/standoff shorting out the controller on the motherboard. Mine actually worked for well over a year until I rearranged my office, at which point it must have gotten just enough movement to cause the short (I'm super careful with my comp, so it was likely just the warping of the case while picking it up). It also seemed to get steadily worse over time.

    Anyway, not sure if you're still experiencing this problem, but worth a check if you are. Also wanted to share this in case anyone else is having similar issues with random disconnects. Be sure to check for extra risers!

    Note: Depending on your case, you shouldn't have to remove the board to check, just remove the side-panel behind the board and see if there are riser threads poking out where there isn't a screw on the board on the other side.
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