External Hard Drive burnt out. Please Help !

Hi everyone,

First excuse me if my english is not perfect (i'm french - living in the us), but i'll try to be clear.

Last week i made a HUGE mistake and used the wrong cord to plug my exterrnal HDD (I hate myself!). Of course it burned out !
The board connected to the hdd looks now like this :

So i ordered a SATA/usb adapter, believing that i could connect the hdd to my laptop this way, and get my data back.
I just made the connections, and when plugged to the electricity : the disc didn't turn and a component started to smoke. (pointed by the arrow in the next picture)

The adapter was my last resort, i'm far from being a tech, so i don't know what to do next.
I've read on the forum that it could be just a damaged component that can simply be removed. Do you think it's the case here ?

If you think i can't do anything myself, do you know how much it cost to get my data back by a pro ?

Thank you in advance, i am really counting on you !

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  1. if the board on the hard disk itself is smoking, then you could try and replace the board. of course you would have to swap it out from the same specific model of hard disk.
  2. there are part burn on both the board and the drive pcb also chance are the drive wont work ( speaking french so send pm i will try to help you the best i can)
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    The Samsung (?) HDD is easily fixed. The overvoltage has resulted in a shorted 12V TVS diode. Just snip its pins with flush cutters. The drive will work without the diode, but it will no longer have any overvoltage protection on its 12V supply, so don't make the same mistake again.


    ... and (photo clips)

    This looks like your drive:

    I can't see the details on the USB-SATA bridge board, but if the drive is not encrypted, you should be able to install it inside your PC, or in a third party enclosure. Otherwise could you provide more detailed views of both sides of the bridge PCB?
  4. Thank you guys for your help !

    I just did something stupid : I just cut the 12TVS diode from the board. I know i should have wait, but part of me was sure it would have worked.
    I am currently saving all my data on 2 others hard drives.
    Thank you especially fzabkar ! I am not sure i understand what you mean in the last part of your message, but i only have a laptop here in the US, so i can't install my hdd inside !
    I am so relieved that i have all my precious files back !

    Thanks again, and Have a good one !

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  6. Congratulations Amélie.

    In the last part of my post I was referring to the little board in your first photo. That's the bridge board. Your laptop talks USB, your hard drive talks SATA, and the USB-SATA bridge board is their interpreter.

    Some bridge boards (eg WD My Book Essentials) encrypt the data, so you need the same bridge to decrypt it. That's why I wanted to see more detailed photos of the damage, and of the main chip.

    Anyway, it's not necessary now. :-)
  7. I know this post is several years old, but I have a very similar problem with a different brand HD, mine is Western Digital. I am curious if fzabkar would mind looking at my post on this forum from a few days back to see if a similar fix may be possible in my case? Thank you so much for any help! I am desperate to get my files back.
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