Is the Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD (Core i3) good for games?

Can anyone tell me if this graphics card is good for game such as Empire: Total War?
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  1. As all other integrated cards it is not designed with games in mind! Here you can read about it
    It will though play some older games.
  2. The i3 530 is a good cpu but you need a discrete gpu for good gaming performance.
    Empire Total War requires a pretty good card.
    For example my friend has a Dell XPS with an i7 920 and the cheapest gpu offered at the time for his build a GT 220.
    He wasn't happy with its performance on Empire and replaced it within a year with an ATI 5770.
    And it runs Napolean with no problems as well.
    The Total War series have always required a decent gpu.
    btw if you're referring to a specific gpu the link provided doesn't work.
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