No display but comp seems to run (7F & 3F Codes)

I'm getting the post code 3F and sometimes it will load and say 7F. I'm not getting any display (Already tried another monitor). Does anyone know what these codes mean? The manual just says "Reserved"

I was doing the Furmark benchmark and the monitor just turned off after it was finished. I can't remember if the comp shutdown or if i did it manually.

EVGA X58 LE motherboard
ATI 5870 (Watercooled)
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  1. Usually a hardware can not get initialized during boot . Sometimes because drivers/registry got corrupt. Try resetting BIOS. If that does not work try windows repair install.
  2. I am having a very similar problem. System crashed while gaming and now beeps at 2b code then stays at 7f code with no display at all to work it. If i press delete at 7f code it goes to 3f, but have not been able to solve the issue. Is it possible to flash the bios or repair windows without any display, i mean how would u go about doing such a thing? Thanks in advance for any help!

    P.S. I already tried reseating the video card, tried a different known working video card, reseating the ram, a different monitor and resetting the cmos.
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