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I used to use a powerline to connect to the internet..

Last response: in Systems
July 27, 2010 1:22:05 AM

Well I still do but it disconnects often while playing games and after 10:00 it just doesn't work for some reason -.-

I want to try going wireless, but those usb wireless adapters do not work with my system for some reason, they just don't have the signal required or the signal is there but it doesn't give internet connectivity, maybe its because I'm not using the router and the usb adapter of the same brand for "best results" as it states.. I dunno..

I want to try getting this

is this a good deal for the price? should I get it? and will this work with my system? this is my system

^it states 3.6 ghz proc speed but its actually 3.4 ghz..

but yea.. will that network card work and provide wireless? I really have no clue xD since that system comes with a network card I don't know if I should tamper with that
July 27, 2010 2:30:19 PM

The card should be fine, but I'm not positive you'll have room in the PC for it. Make sure you have an open slot that accesses the outside of the case for it before buying it.

You may want to post the router you have too. It could be that the router you have doesn't put out decent speeds for wireless or has a limited range.
July 27, 2010 4:43:36 PM

umm the router is fine I believe.. my ps3 and laptop get perfect wireless connection and work perfectly with no disconnections at all.

my router is actually built in to my bell 2wire modem so I don't know what router it is..

its a 2wire 2701hg-g if thats any help at all.

as for the pc.. my pc already has a network card inside it.. I was thinking of removing that and putting in that wireless one? or should I keep that network card and see if I can add the wireless one as well?
August 2, 2010 5:40:39 AM

so, any other opinions? should I order this?