My 700ish trader build

Hello everyone,

This is my first build, and this computer is ONLY for day trading:
i need it to stream stock/index and currency charts FAST with no delay

wut i've got so far:

gigabyte 870A-UD3
Athlon II x3 445 Rana 3.1GHz
G skill eco DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24
Windows 7 Home 64-bit
Thermaltake V3 Black case

i m missing a video card which i would like to purchase one ASAP
i need one that support Two 2048 x1152 resolution monitors

i hv narrow it down to this two:

1) ATI 100-505533 FireMV 2260 256MB GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Low Profile Workstation Video Card

2) PNY VCQ295NVS-X16-DVI-PB Quadro NVS 295 256MB 64-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 Workstation Video Card

which one would suit my need ?

Thanks !
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  1. If you need dual display @ 2048 x 1152 then
    880G HD 4250 Integrated (DVI) up to 2560×1600
    Slot in a HD 5450 passive cooled?
  2. Change the PSU to a Corsair 400CX.

    And start with an integrated GPU like batuchka suggested, should it prove to be slower than you need, look into a HD5400, 5500 or 5600 series of video cards, you pay a lot for support and special drivers (used for CAD and other design chores) when you get a workstation card, the actual hardware is more or less the same as used in "gaming" cards.
  3. like lthdk and batuchka said, u dont need a workstation card to use for streaming stocks/index and so on. But in order to run 2 High resolution monitors, u might wanna invest in what batuchka says (if i am reading correctly, i believe he is advising you to buy a mbob with hybrid crossfire with an 880g chipset and buy a 5450 along with it - set up hybrid CsfireX) or crossfire two 5570 with your current mobo.
    Link for 5570 -

    overall, it might be about the price of a 5770, so you can pick up one of those two

    Sry for the long post, but i do not believe that intergrated gpus can run two monitors at around 2560x1600, the two 5570/single 5770 might be overkill yes, but it will (to the best of my knowledge/if i am wrong, please correct me) that is cheaper than the workstation cards. The workstation cards are tailor amde for engineering programs (like cad), video programs and so on.
  4. if this computer is ONLY for trading stocks, i assuem thats all browser based?

    you really dont need such high end parts for a lagfree browser experience.

    CPU: $75
    go for the 440 and save a few dollars. 445 if you really want.

    Mobo: $77
    cheap, stable, solid, good mobo. if you plan to oc, then maybe something better. if not, this is great for the price

    Case: $55
    i recommend this to everyone. great airflow for its price, includes 4 case fans, and its super popular case overall.

    PSU: $57-20MIR = $37
    corsair. enough said.

    RAM: $54
    good solid ram with low timings. you odnt need 4 gigs if all you are doing is surfing, buying stocks.

    OS: $105
    basic os to reduce any type of lag. you dont need any other features

    Video Card: $81-30MIR = $51
    will run 2 high res monitors smoothly as long as all you are doing with them is not highly graphics based. again, if it is just web browser, os stuff, office apps, it will be absolutely smooth. im assuming one of your monitors have an hdmi input

    TOTAL = $454. Even less if you can get your OS elsewhere, from friends or what not. if you can get your hands on an xp copy that would make your experience even more lagless, just because its lighter. although the dual monitor support may not be as great

    Im using a C2D 7400 at work with some low end asus board, and i have absolutely NO lag at all when im doing anything (given all i need to do is all browser based and office apps) the gpu should be able to handle anything you need for day trading because nothing should be 3d, or heavily rendered. if you're really that worried, go for a gt 250.
  5. Actually i am zooming in on the feature called ATI SurroundView which was supported starting from a combinaton of

    ATI 690G IGP chipset or later
    Radeon class GPU

    Hybrid CFX has nothing to do with it hehe
  6. thanks for all the input, i really appreciate it. with integrated graphic, 880 chipset is a good start for me.
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