How can i use my monitor far away from my cpu

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  1. Get a very long VGA/DVI/HDMI cord?
  2. dvi/hdmi only, i bought a long vga cable once, the signal was horrible, so if u go that way, make sure you buy a really xpensive cable
  3. i did not get any vga cable that is too long for wre i need the lcd tv to be
  4. that was long enough you mean, u have to buy a cable then, just dont cheap out
  5. i did not get any vga cable that is too long for wre i need the lcd tv to be.pls how can i do it because i need the tv to be too far from the cpu, it is for school use. so we need the cpu to be in another room.
  6. what type of cable
  7. First of all we need to know what type of monitor you'll be using, VGA, DVI, HDMI or display port. The resolutions you want to display and the distance you want to run.

    If the run is over the maximum cable available, you might check out They make all kinds of extension hardware for video signals.
  8. it will pass like four rooms
  9. Even if you manage to get a decent picture (doubtful) how will you control your computer 4 rooms away? All of the wireless mice & keyboards I know of are line of sight.
  10. There are wireless hdmi peripherals out there but none that exceed 30' that I'm aware of and they are not cheap at all. You could easily mount a small ITX pc on the back of your tv , or even an old laptop, and use a wireless connection to remote to the real pc. This would be much cheaper than the wireless hdmi solution but you won't be playing games like this, it'd be pretty much browsing, watching videos.
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