1156 vs. 1356 for 5870 crossfire

Hey, ok now i have the option of getting a i7-860 with a rampage II Extreme board and a single 5870 or a i7-860 with an ASUS P7P55D Pro and dual 5870 in crossfire configuration. Im thinking about going for the second option since this pc is mostly aimed for gaming, so my question is, will the 8x/8x compromise the smooth running of the crossfire configuration when comparing it two a socket 1356 (16x/16x)crossfire configuration?
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  1. The only card that even starts to get bottlenecked at 8x is the 5870, and not by much. The 1356 will doubtless be faster, but probably only like 10% or so. The 5870s crossfired at 8x bandwidth will perform awesome, though, even with the bottleneck.
  2. thanks jryan, i made some more in depth research and found out the 5870 does get bottlenecked as you said but only by a 6% margin, i think i already made up my mind for the dual 5870...
  3. wrong...it only suffers a 2% to 5% bottleneck
  4. Great!
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