5970 vs 5870??

i was thinking of buying a new pc for my son very soon, i was wondering which 1 will be better for gaming.
(this pc will be totaly used for gaming)

pc 1:


i7 920 (will oc to 3.6ish)
6gb ddr3 @ 1600 tripple chanel memory
hd 5870
650w psu
1tb harddisk
Intel X58 DDR3 Socket 1366 matx mobo

cost £945

pc 2 :

amd phenom x4 965
6gb ddr3@ 1600 double channel memory
m4a785td m evo (any better recomendations?)
hd 5970
1tb hhd
750 psu

price £950-999

which 1 u guys think will be better/future proof for gaming.
and second question is in motherboards does intergrated gpu really matter even if you got dedicated graphic card if yes then what for?

thanks in advance
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  1. PC #1 is better
  2. foxmulder13 said:
    PC #1 is better

    I like the pc1 aswell but its the hd 5970 on second pc which is pulling me, looking at benchmarks i7 920 only gives about 10-15 fps boost max compared to amd's 965 where as 5970 is nearly twice as powerfull compared to 5870 so about 40-50 fps boost at simular price margin:)
  3. What size monitor? The 5970 will only matter if you have a screen large enough for it to matter. If you have a single 1680x1050 monitor I'd go with computer #1 as the CPU is much better. The CPU does matter in gaming.
  4. 1x 23in ( HP 2310i 23" hd moniter) planing on buying 2 more soon for eyefinity.

    yes i know cpu does matter but 5970 looks pretty good even without eyefinity. benchmarks videos i seen it always get 40-70fps more then 5870. Plus i think 5970 will be more future proof then 5870.

    i just want a pc which is future proof(should be able to play all new titles maxed for coming 2 years)
  5. #2 with a 5870 and the $$ saved can get you a new card that is faster than the 5970 in ~8-12 months
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