Computer not working (probably CPU)


Today I restarted my pc to go into the bios and see if my usb's for the front panel were enabled. It seemed that they were so I exited without saving.
After I did this though, and my pc was starting again I gained a black screen with the white letters and I could choose between a windows repair or a normal startup,
I though that the windows repair could maybe fix my usb problem, but after some time it said it could not repair anything and asked if I wanted to send a report to microsoft.
I clicked that I did not want to do this and then clicked the finish button. Then when it started again I only gained a black screen(after some time it says "No signal") and my lights from the mouse and keyboard didn't turn on(Everything inside the pc is on though, the fans, leds, hdd) So I did a reset (with the button on the case) and it did, but the same problem once again.
Then I checked out my LCD poster from my motherboard and it says "CPU INIT". This is also the case when my computer isn't even switched on, normally it should give me the time of the day then.

I tested my ram, checked if everything was still connected ok and also tried to repair my master boot, but failed to do so as I did not get a "boot from cd..." option, the screen just stayed black.

If needed I can post the specs of my computer.

Thanks for your time and help!

Greetings cenox
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  1. (Could not edit)
    I also tried everything from this thread: but sadly it did not work.
  2. If it sounds like it is booting up and such, chances are that it isn't the CPU. It sounds more like a graphics card issue. What GPU are you running?

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  3. (for the edit) tried that, but for some reason it said "you can't edit" or something ^^.

    I'm using a GeForce 9600 GT. I have had some gfx problems before, but then my keyboard and mouse worked though?
    Should I try and put another gfx-card into my pc to see if thats the problem perhaps?

    Thanks for the reply!

    Greetz cenox
  4. Hmmm...strange. Probably a minor forum glitch.

    Anyways, yes, if you have a spare graphics card laying around, throw it in and see if that improves things. If not, well, we'll have to narrow it down even more.
  5. Hello,

    It didn't seem to work :(.
    I'm going to head off to bed now so I won't be able to answer anymore. But I'll watch the answers when I come back from my lessons though.

    Thanks for the help!

    greetz cenox
  6. Hey again,

    Back from my place :) and making a bump hehe.

    Anyway, I can also only turn of my computer by switching of the psu. Pressing the case power button for a few seconds does not work.

    Thanks again

    Greetz Cenox
  7. Hey,

    Have tried to reset my bios again, and start the computer without the battery but still no succes :(.

    greetz Cenox
  8. It's a windows issue. I bet linux would work.
    Since it boots and you don't hear any post error beeps then it is a windows issue :)

    Try booting into safe mode and checking your display drivers for errors on your device manager.

    Btw, do not double or triple post. You can edit and update your last post but double posting is against forum rules.
  9. I get nothing on the screen, not even an option to go into my bios, safemode or anything. Also tried to boot from the windows cd but don't get the "press any key to boot from cd..." thing.

    Thanks for the help though :)
    Greetz Cenox
  10. Oh, read it more closely. Well. Are you on onboard graphics or dedicated graphics?
  11. Gfx card, GeForce 9600 GT. But can't be that since I tried another card and it still didn't work. Also, my keyboard and mouse don't seem to start when the computer is on.

    Greetz Cenox
  12. I think your motherboard fried tbh. What psu do you have?
  13. I've got a Corsair TX650W
  14. New motherboard time. Power not switching off after power button has been pressed and held are key signs of the need for a new motherboard.
  15. Oh :( Gonna see if I can get a new one then from the shop since it still in guarantee.

    Thanks alot for the help, I'll give a reply if the motherboard change/swap fixed it :)

    Greetz Cenox
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