10.6 not installing

When i say not installing it's more like refusing to install. I went to the amd website and looked for the driver for my card (radeon 5470) and downloaded the driver for it. Went ahead and started installation, everything went smoothly, rebooted and checked to see if it was updated correctly and to my surprise the version listed is 8.7. So i went ahead and ran the installer again choosing customize instead of express install and what do you know it has 8.7 listed to install and not 10.6.

I've checked and recheck if i downloaded the correct driver and found two different locations for them on the amd site:
both doing the exact same thing.

I've also tried doing the steps in the thread http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/290997-33-help-installing-drivers and the same thing happens.

Does anyone know why it won't install the latest ccc? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Apparently, Cat 10.6 is troublesome. Users are having installation and performance issues. IMO, install 10.4.
  2. I understand 10.6 has problems but this isn't really a performance or even installation problem. It simply doesn't install the version it's suppose to install which i find very odd.

    I should add that the release date listed for my 8.7 is may 27, 2010 which is also very weird since there's no way 10.6 is only a few weeks older than 8.7.
  3. I suggest you uninstall old drivers before installing new ones.

    Generally, installing over the top should pose no problems, however sometimes you need to completely uninstall using driver sweeper.

    Then install new drivers over the top.
  4. I've already tried driver sweeper. Results are the same. Although i didn't use it in safe mode, how much of a difference would that make?
  5. I think you can install CCC 10.6 this way (after uninstalling completely the previous CCC):

    Run the big .exe display driver file which you have downloaded from AMD. It will extract to C:\Ati\Support\10-6_Vista...\

    After extraction, stop the installation.

    Open Device Manager and double-click Ati Radeon HD5xxx series adapter. Go to Driver tab.

    Click Update driver...

    When asked, select Let me choose the driver and show the path to the driver folder.

    Driver is in C:\Ati\Support\10-6_Vista....\Packages\Drivers

    Just click the Drivers folder and click O.K. Windows finds the driver itself.

    After driver installation, you should go back to C:\Ati\Support\10-6_Vista....\setup.exe and run setup.exe to install CCC.

    Starting with CCC 10.5, my Windows could not find the driver file itself. So I used this method.

    Hope this helps.
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