New EVGA 465GTX 1gb made my PSU fan not work! Please Help!

Hi guys i've recently bought a new video card, the EVGA 465GTX 1gb voltage tweak card. My previous card was a 8800 GT 512 mb. So After having the store install the new card in, everything seem to work fine... however sometimes my computer would seem to freeze during games or browsing and restart.... This happened to me once in a while... I could sometimes run the pc for long time with no problems.. even for days and then when i'm doing something my computer screen would freeze with small black squares on it. The sound would play... but it would repeat itself (i could still use mouse). The computer then restarts itself, first giving me a blue screen before doing so.

I didn't know what was causing this until I noticed that my fan in my 600Watt cooler master PSU was not working. It did not spin, but i still could run my computer. Could this be the problems to my crashes?

The computer guy said my psu should be able to handle the card... Could the video card have malfunction my power supply? Thanks.
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  1. I think that the video card put more pull on the psu making it heat up faster and higher. When it overheats it auto shuts down. Also making the video card crash. Probably resuilting in the blue screens why not go to the computer store and ask them to use a different psu and stress test it they wont make too big of a fuss maybe a lil bit of money for doing it but not much.
  2. If the fan never comes on they thats a problem, replace the fan or the PSU if you wanted more watts but that 600 is plenty to run it.

    Its doubtfull that the GPU caused the PSU fan to fail.
  3. Coolermaster PSU's are not created equal! The 600 extreme would have problems with your card.
    The 600 Silent pro should not have a problem.
    Your description points to PSU issue.
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