High pitch noise from psu

Hello. I bought a new as rock motherboard to replace my old as rock mobo. As soon as I plug my psu into the mobo I get a high pitched noise from the psu. Have not tried to turn on pc due to me being scared of frying something. When the psu is not plugged into anything (only the wall) no sound is made so I don't think the psu is broke as it was working the other day and is only a couple months old. Help!
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  1. How loud is it?
    Triple check everything is plugged in right.
  2. Noticeable but not very lound. It even makes the sound when only the 24pin connnector is in the mobo with everything else disconnected
  3. How noticeable? This happened to me with one PSU, but it worked fin... strange that 1 month later I had to RMA it.....
    Do you have the PC plugged into a power strip?
  4. What brand is the PSU?
  5. CIT 750 W gold edition. 3 months old. Can't be heard from 5m away. Close up very annoying
  6. Also. When plugged into my old mobo tis sound cannot be heard
  7. Hmmmmmmmmm.
    Check for any bad caps and what is the PSU plugged into (power strip, UPS, etc)?
  8. The high pitch whine is a sign of bad quality components.
    Would you feel safe driving a £3000 pound car that can do more that 300km/h?
    There's a good reason a ferrari costs £90000 and its the same good reason that the corsair http://www.ebuyer.com/product/257233 costs 3 times as much.
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