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    First thing I'd suggest is try dropping the X4 955 down to an X3 440 and seeing if you can afford an HD 5850. It'll be a lot more powerful, and the CPU doesn't really determine the gaming performance.

    Next, I would get a cheaper case. Check out the Antec 300, Antec 300 Illusion, Coolermaster 690, Antec 900 (or 902) and HAF 922. The last two might be more expensive, so don't use them if they are.

    Then, I would get a quality PSU. Thermaltake isn't the highest quality. Check out some 650W units from Antec, Corsair, XFX, SeaSonic and Silverstone. If the budget is really tight, an OCZ 700W unit would likely suffice, but isn't a strong recommendation.
  2. would an x2 phenom be okay because they dont have the x3?
    also would this case be okay cuz i really like it
    and i can get the xfx 5850 here
    is this a good price for aus?
  3. The Storm series is also rather pricey. It's a decent one though, so if you really like it, go for it.

    I have no idea how much a 5850 should cost over there. Over here, they run about $285-$300.

    I would look around to see if you can find the X3. You really don't want to drop down to a dual core as there just isn't enough power there to continue to be good in the future.
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