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Hey all, so last night i put together my new system and i can't get over how loud it is, even at idle.
the System is a AMD x6 1055t
Tuniq Tower Extreme 120
Ati Radeon 5970
Corsair 850TX PSU
and i have 2 gelid 120mm PWM case fans (front and back)
Cooler Master Elite 330 case

the noise on this system is noticeble as soon as you enter the room (its in my living room) the wiring in the case is half decently tucked away and
zip tied together.
i havent even brought this thing to any sort of load yet and am very dissapointed with all the noise,

any idea's on how i can quite this monster down a bit.
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  1. i have the same cpu, and i kno that my cpu fan is very loud, I would recommend getting an aftermarket cpu fan, however, i can not recommend one to as i am not that well versed in aftermarket hsf.
  2. Also, i would make a prediction that your gpu is spewing out noise but idk if there is anything for you to do bout that
  3. In the case of Stock HSF from AMD, if you gently press into the middle of the fan it might reseat.

    But I know my stock HSF can get up to 7000 RPM on my HTPC if the airflow is poor, and it's really freaking loud.

    So either increase airflow, or d/l speedfan to check your actual fan speed and manually adjust it to a lower RPM.

    Or yeah, get an aftermarket HSF. Bigger fans move more air, therefore they turn slower, decreasing dBA
  4. i understand that the gpu will be louder than my old 5770, (that thing was silent)
    and i'm not using stock cpu cooler, i'm using the tuniq tower 120 extreme, with has a 120mm silent fan inside the cooling tower blcok.
    looking at my bios i can see that no fan is going faster then 1500rpm, and i'm presuming that air flow in the case is good with a 120mm fan pulling cold air in and another 120mm fan blowing warm air out
  5. other than case fans (which can be a good possiblity), i do not know what else to tell you. Sry
  6. lower your 5970's fan speed. It must be at 100%
  7. If anything take off the side of your computer and find the no kidding fan thats making all the noise. Then we can go from there.
  8. i suspect that the noise is coming the 5970, i guess its possible that's its
    fan may be at 100%

    can any one recommend a good app for monitoring fan speeds and temperatures?
  9. Speedfan
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    Oh as for the GPU fanspeed, open Catalyst Control Center, and click on Overdrive. That will show you the current fan speed on the right side:

    Reference picture:

    The top left drop down allows you to choose Overdrive. I also included a pic of Speedfan as well.
  11. ok cool, i will check out ati overdrive and speed fan. thanks for the advice :-)
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  13. Might've been a tad premature selecting best, answer. Once you figure out which fan is running too high, if you need more help come back and we'll do what we can.
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