New Motherboard, No POST

I recently replaced a mobo in a HP 530 notebook with a "new" one.

When I push the power button, fan and HDD spin and then turns off after about 2 seconds. No beeps. As it turns off there is only one light which goes from off, if no battery connected and just running from AC, to orange (charging) then to green in a split second and then its off. Or with the battery from orange to green in no time atall. Not sure if the light is relevant!

I then tried to narrow down the cause, removed the battery and tried to start from just AC, removed the RAM, removed the HDD, removed the CPU, connected just the motherboard to the screen then just the motherboard to an external monitor. After each step i tried to turn it on. Each time leading to the same result. I even tried to hold the power button down for 30 seconds with the laptop upside down, which I read on a forum somewhere and it seemed to work for several people but not for me. :pt1cable:

This leads me to only one conclusion there is no BIOS on the mobo.

Also with the above I tried different combinations of keyboard/touchpad connected/disconnected.

Is there something I'm missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Are you sure the motherboard is bad, or maybe the power supply?
  2. I've tested the power supply and also used another one I have that has worked before with other laptops.

    I was also thinking it might have been the battery but then it should have done something different with just the AC adaptor connected and no battery!
  3. Sounds like a short to me. I have had this exact problem happen to me after I installed a new motherboard. Make sure None of the screws are touching the motherboard. Hope this helps.
  4. Removed the motherboard and set it up on the desk, looked for any metal touching where it shouldn't and couldn't find any. Still the same 2 second then off. Now i'm thinking maybe the cpu is dead, is this a symptom of that? I have no way to test the cpu in a different system.
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