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Hi again I really want to update graphics drivers for my Radeon 5770 but I'm hestiant because I don't want to cause any issues ,anyway should I stop all ATI processes or just uninstall and run Driver Sweeper , reboot and install new correct? I using a HDMI connection will that cause a problem after uninstall and reboot should I use different connection and should I start Windows normally even though theres no driver after uninstall or will Windows load temp driver? Can someone give me a quick guide I should use updating driver for graphics card from 9.12 Catalyst Control Center to 10.3 CCC or should I just run install over old ? THANKS, NEWBIE MICK!
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    Generally, you can just install over the top of existing drivers.

    If you aren't confident, use the uninstall option in setup then install new drivers.

    If you really aren't confident, uninstall, reboot in safe mode, run driver sweeper, then install new drivers.

    Personally, I had to use driver sweeper for the first time after installing 10.6. 10.6s are giving performance issues it seems.

    IMO, 10.3 or 10.4 seem to be most stable ATM.

    Good luck.
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