VIA VT1818 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC

I have this audio card on my motherboard. CanI use a 5.1 speaker system with it? I have hooked it up to one but ,I only have stereo output as of now. I have configured the audio to be 5.1 , but it only works in stereo on the test.No center,rear or subwoofer sound output.
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  1. Duh , found prob ,but stil no 5.1 on the test in configuration of audio device, hhmm. Works fine other than that. Oh well, thanx anyway.
  2. what did you do and fix that?
  3. Open Via's HD Audio deck, click on expert mode. Under speakers click on speaker settings and test, second icon down. Set to 6 speakers for 5.1, 8 for 7.1, then you can test, blue icon. :hello:
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