Need some help with filght sim pc

Hello everyone :D

So I've recently built my new system with a 470gtx and i7 930.

Now I'd like to play flight sim x and some other flying games one it, but then I'm wondering which perherals to get.

I've already got a 24inch benq screen and my plan was to get 2 more and another 470 for 2dsurround(can you even use 2d surrond for flight sim?). My dad prefers one big screen. WHich would you choose and why?

As for the flight peripherals I've seen many things like radio panels and etc.. Is this in any way useful? I was thinking just a g940 and that would be it. What do you guys think?
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  1. i would get two more monitors cuz you get a higher resolution when running 3 compared to 1. if you have ever watched an eyefinity setup up on youtube thats why you can see more on the sides.
  2. Yeah I'm familiar with the facts. It's just I was wondering which would be "nicer". So you'd opt for surround right? Well thanks for the opinion :D
  3. anyone here a flight simmer?
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