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Hi folks. I'm currently hearing an occasional clicking coming from my WDC6400aaks (Western Digital 640GB 3.5 HDD)

It tends to happen 3 or 4 times a day. I have 2 other internal HDs in the case but I noticed whilst watching a video from the WD, the noise occurred and the video paused for 2 seconds before resuming.

The click noise is usually followed by what sounds like a slowing disc (drop in speed and pitch)

Normally I would assume it's backup time, but oddly this only started happening after I installed a Windows 8 preview.

Is my hard drive coming to an end or is Win8 doing something weird?

Thanks experts.

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  1. i would scan the hd for bad sectors
  2. if this is the only occurence the video might have been fragmented and located on two far away (realativly) spots on your platters. there are many free diagnostic tools out there that can check your drives performance and let you know if its time to swap.
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