His hd5850 low performance?

Hi everyone!
I upgraded py pc recently. i replaced my old am2/nforce 430 mobo with a brand new am3/amd 770 and got rid of my old asus hd3870 replacing it with a brand new his hd5850. i ve been testing the card with 3dmark06 and although my cpu mark is around 4400 (unlocked and perfectly stable phenom x3 720 running x4 @ 3,1 ghz) the overall stays around 18000, when everyone around is getting at least 22000. 4000 points is a big difference as far as i know. what am i doing wrong? everything is up2date concerning drivers,bios etc
My exact specs: amd phenom II X4 20 @3,1Ghz (100% stable, 46-57 celcius)
2x hdd (samsung f1 500g and wd raptor 150g)
Gigabyte ga-ma 770-ud3 (rev.2)
4 g kingston ddr2 hyperx
cooler master gx 650w
his hd5850 ( 48-75 celcius)
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  1. You should check real-world games before using benchmarking tools.
  2. while gaming,there is a huge performance increase. what's right is right! that card swallows everything even at full hd. but still....4000 points is a big performance leap
  3. Agree, it is the gaming performance that matters.
  4. anyway..thanx for the replies
  5. 3DMark06 is extremely CPU dependent

    For example with more Core i7 920 at stock I get a very similar score to yours, but with my core i7 @ 4.4Ghz I get just over 27K

    Gaming is whats important, forget 3dMark06.
  6. hmmm! thats interesting. i was talking yesterday with the owner of the pc-store and he was trying to convince me to ditch my psu,mobo and ram and get a 1000w psu with a ddr3 mobo and ram:p husttle ha? thanks u guys. you just saved me about 200 euros.
  7. i simply thought that there is something wrong with the card! now that i got the answers i realise what a stupid idea that was! noob here :P anyway..god bless the internet:)
  8. Yeah...don't base anything off of 3dmark. It's for enthusiasts to show how long their hardware pe[explicit material]nis is.
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