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I bought an enclosure for my SATA drive and have it working great on my ION media center pc. My issue is that I have to switch on the power to the enclosure when I boot up my media pc and shut it down. Is there any way to get an enclosure that uses eSATA to power this drive without a power cable? Or is there a case where I can use USB to power it and have it do data through eSATA? I am streaming video off the drive, can I just use USB 2.0 or will I get bottleneck and experience slowdown on my video viewing? Please help, offer any ideas I am open to getting a new enclosure. THe HDD is a 5400 RPM 2 TB drive that is SATA.
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  1. I googled "self powered esata enclosure" and got this among a bunch of others.
  2. Ya that one includes the drive, I need one for a desktop size drive not a 2.5"

    I am checking out the google results.
  3. You might like to read the following primer:

    "In computing, eSATAp (also known as Power over eSATA, Power eSATA, eSATA/USB Combo, eSATA USB Hybrid Port (EUHP)) is a combination connection for external storage devices. A single eSATAp, eSATA or USB device can be plugged into an eSATAp port. The socket has keyed cutouts for both types of device to ensure that a connector can only be plugged in the right way round."
  4. My media pc doesn't have a eSATA combo port or eSATAp....

    Is there any way to have a eSATA enclosure and use the usb for power? I really hate using the switch :)
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    To answer your question from a simple perspective : NO
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