On the brink! 5870 vs 480

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  1. Either card is good! The GTX480 is the most powerful single GPU card, the down side is it is power hungry and runs hot. HD5870 is the second best single GPU card it is power efficient and runs cool, the down side is that it is only second best.
  2. gah but one is 100 dollars cheaper, one is better at tessellation, one is hotter, one is cooler, one is louder, one is quieter etc!

    the 480 i chose is 20 bucks cheaper than the norm :\
  3. It is going to be your choice, both cards are great and handle every thing good at high resolutions. It is up to you to decide if the GTX480 is worth the price difference. Here is a performance comparison that is as good as any
  4. The GTX480 is better than the 5870 at tessellation, but in reality both suck at tessellation.

    GTX480 has more raw power (10-15% or so) but runs hotter, more energy, louder, etc

    Both are overclockable, but you probably can overclock on air with the 5870 better than the GTX480 due to cooler temps.
  5. i think your right lol well it doesnt hurt to switch camps

    so out of these two combos

    i dont under stand the difference lol

    im keen on keeping the mobo but are there any other brands of the 5870 you would recommend?
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