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I'm a bit new to this and have a major problem.
My PC fires up, no beeps, lights on, fans running but all I get is a black screen on my monitor.
I have checked out things to do on this laptop but it seems that I need F8 to get into my PC. All I get is "no signal" I have run this laptop through the mon and its working fine, I have changed the cable, cleaned the PC made sure everything is in its place.
I can feel the hard drive working but I am unable to test anything because I have nothing on the screen.
Anyone out there that could give me some advice before I throw it through the window?
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  1. Little bit confusing! The monitor on the laptop does not work or external monitor does not work?
    If laptop monitor does not work check external monitor. If works laptop monitor or cable faulty.
    If external monitor does not work check if activated in display properties. Some laptops have Fn+F5 as a hotkey for this function.
  2. Sorry rolli, didn't make myself very clear.
    Nothing wrong with laptop, only used it to test external monitor.
    Its my PC that has the fault, been here all day and getting a bit fed up now.
    I switched it on this morning, all fine, checked my emails, all of a sudden the monitor went black, PC switched itself off, after a few seconds it switched itself back on but left me with a black screen.
  3. Suggesting throwing it through the window pointed more towards a laptop!
    My first suggestion is to open up the computer and reseat GPU and ram modules, check all connections and so on. Everything points to your GPU though.
    Post all your specs CPU, motherboard, GPU, PSU and etc, it will help us troubleshoot.
  4. OK this is all the info I have.
    I have a power supply tester that I got from ebay so I know thats working OK.
    I run windows XP pro.
    HD is Samsung SP2004C
    PC is Fujitsu pentium 4 Scaleop 200GB speed 2992MHz
    The only writing I can see on the mobo is GA 81915pm
    Radeon X600 G card
    Creatix TV tuner
    I have a CF card reader, a CD unit and a DVD unit. These light up when I switch on so its trying to get going but nothing shows on the screen.
    Have checked, cleaned and put back all the internal bits.
    Its about 4 years old so maybe time for a new one.
    Thanks for your time by the way.
  5. Yes it is a time for a new one. Based on what GPU slot you have (agp, PCIe) a replacement GPU does not need to be to expensive
  6. I have several hard drives, a GPU but they have the wrong fixings so I am unable to test.
    Do you think its worth getting a new GPU and trying that first?
  7. Being a socket 775 you most likely have a PCI express x 16 GPU socket a card like this does not kill the bank http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125251
    But I would seriously consider a new build.
  8. Found one on ebay £10, think I will give that a go and if not, as you quite rightly say, a new build.
    I only use the PC for a few photographs and emails to the States (have family over there) and do most of my buying on the web/banking and thats about it. Oh and now on here of course.
    Thank you very much for your assistance.
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