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Need help buildng workstation computer as a present for my bf

Hi. My boyfriend's computer is in it's death throws, and I really, really need help to select parts to buy him for an early 6th anniversary/christmas gift. I found his list of remaining parts that he needs to buy in order to build a new workstation. I'm willing to spend ~$1400 or less ( hopefully less). If it helps, you can just list what specific parts you think are best for me to buy for each category that you know are reasonably priced, and I will search newegg, tigerdirect etc for the lowest price. Please let me know if pulling off these parts for this price range is impossible, so I can start my ramen noodle diet asap to save up more money.

Parts still needed:

1. 750W or more power supply
2. Two Sata 300gb 8000-10,000 rpm hard drives
3. Two Sata 2TB 8000-10000 rpm hard drives
4. Two quad core processors
with lga771 sockets. NOTE: I found xeon quad core e5405, e5410, and e5420 processors ranging in price from $250-$350. does anyone know if any of those are any good?
5. Ram (I don't know the mainboard specs. He just has DDR2 written next to it.)

My bf isn't a computer gamer, but he runs a lot of visual effects programs and does lots of rendering etc. I know whatever video card he has it was PCI express
model or something like that (dunno if that's important info or not). Anyways, I've been researching the parts, but there seems to be lots of debate over parts, and I keep reading mixed reviews of things. please help. I really, really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you!! :)
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  1. are you sure it's lga socket 771 or lga socket 775? cause that's like a xeon o.o

    Sort of difficult to find and they run on the expensive side ^.^
  2. hmmm, ur right. I looked it up, and he needs either a xeon quad core 5100, 5200, or 5400 series processor.

    I looked around and I found these, but can anyone tell me if they're this much cheaper than the others cuz they're crap or are they decent at least?

    Intel CPU Quad-Core Xeon E5405 2.0GHz FSB1333MHz L2-12MB Socket771 Active Retail
    -- BX80574E5405A

    Intel Xeon Quad-Core L5420 2.5GHz 1333MHz 12MB LGA771 CPU, OEM - EU80574JJ060N, AT80574JJ060N $330

    Intel Xeon E5410 Harpertown 2.33GHz 12MB L2 Cache LGA 771 80W Quad-Core Processor BX80574E5410A $300

  3. The middle one isn't that bad. The one i showed you was just really good.
  4. yeah, but that's definitely out of the budget. The processor that he currently has is like 6 years old, so as long as it's two ok processors, he should be ok. I'm hoping to find something below $375, cuz I know the other parts are a couple hundred also. Thanks so much for the response.
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    No problem. The two middle ones should be good unless you can find something a little faster for not to much higher, but yeah middle ones good.
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