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Gt5422e upgrade video card

wanted to pick up a card with hdmi out not so much too play games but i use this computer with my hd television and XBMC would like to have better quality video under $175 here are specs suggestions...was looking at that $65 radeon in the suggested cards article for this month please help wanted to order this weekend thanks :sol:
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  2. would i have to upgrade my power supply since it is only 300w
  3. Both these cards will run fine on a 300watt PSU
  4. what would be a good choice from the 5570 was looking at the openbox gogreen or ax5570 i think both are by powercolor....P.S. thanks for all the help....
  5. They should all perform about the same, the two powercolor cards you point out are identical specs, only the openbox one can be used in a small form factor PC since it is low profile ready.
  6. is there an nvidia equivalent as i think it may run better since my motherboard has a nvidia chipset although that may not matter...
  7. There are some nvidia cards out there but they would not run any better. Look at GT220 or GT240
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  9. ended up chosing this card hope it was a good choice thanks rolli for the help
  10. Well I know its been over a year and two houses later and although my computer runs ok ever since i put this card in i have @ random times been getting the BSOD .....I think i need to upgrade my PSU but not sure also when i turn the computer on the power button blinks on and off a few times almost like the comp is checking its self or something....just thought someone might be able to help so i dont just buy a PSU for no reason....oh sorry for opening such an old thread but my problem started with this card i believe
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