Antec eco neo 520 vs Earth watts 500

Both are the same price , i will be ocing my e7200 processor from 2.55 to 3.8 . Which is better . my rig is
gtx 460
asus p5ql-pro
hyper 212+
corsair xms 2 4gb at 1066
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  1. Neo Eco. How much is the Antec EarthWatts 650W?
  2. thats like 20$ more
  3. The Neo Eco is fine.
  4. Agreed. Neo Eco is a newer design that is more efficient then the older EA500. If my memory serves it also has an extra amp (or is it two?) on the 12V rail.
  5. will it be enough to power the rig ? with the ocing i mean
    plus i have 3 80mm fans , 3 120 mm fans
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    Fans don't take much. You have a 45nm CPU so even OC'd I doubt you'll be much higher then 125W. For easy math however we'll use that number. Toss in 175 (again a number higher then you'll actually use.) for the GPU your looking at 300W for the biggest things in your system. Even if your mobo, ram, and fans took another 100W, your now at 400W. 400W / 12V = 33A which your PSUs can do. I'd still take the Neo.
  7. thats great news , thanks guys
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