Asus p6t se problem no bleep

hi guys,

i built a new system today...

650w power supply
Asus p6t se
intel core i7 930
2x 1tb hdd
4gb ram

It has never booted up. The ps2 mouse activates, and i get a quick flash of light through the keyboard, but all I get inernally is the "power" LED on the asus motherboard.

Any ideas?

could be anything... damm.
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  1. mobo pins touching the case, bad psu, bad mobo

    try this, test you psu on a different mobo, if that doesnt work, then u might kno you problem

    Likewise test a different psu on your mobo
  2. Also, read through this thread and complete the troubleshooting checklist provided...
  3. hiya, i know it is vague - but also, if the case fans aren't doing anything whatsoever - does this not also point to the PSU being faulty. The fans are only connected to the psu, rather than to the mobo for power. Is this possible, or does the mobo control power to everything?
  4. Some motherboards have the ability to control the fans. However, it's not a problem if you connect them straight to the PSU for power.

    As noted, you should run through the checklist linked by tecmo.
  5. hiya,

    i was just running through the checklist and doing the breadboard test and thinking...

    If I connect the case fans to the PSU, directly - with absolutely nothing else attached at all - wouldn't they begin to rotate? Just thinking it's a great way to test the PSU.

    Should this happen?
  6. Not necessarily. Connect the PSU to the motherboard (main power AND 4/8 pin CPU power). Connect the PSU to the fans. Connect the case power switch to the motherboard. If there is a power on/off switch on the PSU, make sure it's on. Press the power switch on the case. That should turn on your fans.
  7. hiya,

    re-set cmos, reseated cpu, rewired whole thing - and it works?
  8. I dunno, you tell us if it works.
  9. It works. Thanks for all your assistance guys, it's been a massive help!
  10. Did the paperclip test on the PSU and the case fans - and once i knew the PSU def worked, I could start putting it together bit by bit again, outside the case (breadboard) then inside. all good. Just formatting the Tb drives now, taking eons.
  11. Good to hear. Thanx for the update!
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