X3 445 vs X3 450 vs X3 740 BE

My girlfriend's macbook isn't wanting to display searches from this site correctly for some reason, so bear with me if this has been asked 700 million times before.

445 is the cheapest, 450 is $11ish more -- equal with what the 740 is going for OEM on Newegg. I'll be purchasing an aftermarket heatsink so the only disadvantage with the OEM is the warranty.

I haven't found much on the 740 BE, but it seems a few people haven't been satisfied with the OCs. I also read that it's C2 vs C3 of the 445 / 450. Which would be the best of the three to get?

I will attempt to unlock the extra core, so if one of the three has a higher unlock percentage that's good information as well. I also plan on overclocking.

Is there an obvious answer to this question?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would suggest the 740
    I have seen some really good numbers from it.
  2. I agree on the 740, I've worked with a few PhenomIIx3 720s and all have overclocked easily and run very cool.
  3. I just installed a x3 740 BE a week ago and I am very happy with it. I OCed it to 3.6 easily on air cooling (Zalman) and it idles at 28 C. I have since bumped it down to 3.4, not really needing the speed.
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