Acer Launches Aspire "Predator" Gaming Rig

Acer has come out with the AG7750 gaming desktop with a Core i7 720 quad-core CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX470 GPU, 9 gigs of ram, 1 tb hard drive, 4 SATA hard discs and a two-part liquid cooling system. They are calling it the "Predator".

Doesn't break the bank either at $1800. Been meaning to upgrade the rig for some time now, and will definitely have to with Dragon Age 2 coming around the bend. This may well be the one I go with.

What do you guys think? Too flashy for the buck?
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  1. Very interesting looking case, however, as with most prebuilt systems it looks to be using low end quality parts to get the cost down.

    1) Only list the CPU
    2) GPU is just listed by Nvidia... Is it a EVGA, Generic... etx
    3) Doesn't list brand, voltage or latency of the RAM... What is it truly?
    4) Doesn't list make or model of Motherboard so is it a generic board on a high quality board like ASUS or Gigabyte?
    4) Doesn't list any details on the PSU, except the total wattage. How many PCIe connectors, How many 12V rails, what is the total AMPS on the 12V rails? These are all important things to list to understand if your PSU can hold up to your system or is a failure just waiting to happen if you try and upgrade.

    I still think a user could build one better on their own... :)
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