Which power supply should i buy?

I have a ati xfx 5770, oc'ed e4500 to 3ghz from 2.2 ghz and i want to know which psu would be better, cooler master 600 ex power or the corsair vx450?
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  1. I would buy the Corsair, because of their reputation 5year warranty and their 450watt would be rated over 500watts of many other manufacturers.
  2. but the cooler master has more power on the +12v rail, although its on a dual +12v rail.
  3. Actually, you have no idea how much power the cooler master has on the 12V rails, it doesnt give you their combined rating. Almost never will two 12V rails with 18A max on each add up to 36A between the two, they are pulled from a common 12V source. I suspect that the Cooler Master will only give you about 34A on the 12V rail which is weak for a 600W unit. It also has passive PFC which is a sign of an older less efficient design, and isnt 80+ certified so its less efficient than the corsair and is not necessarily guaranteed to run at 100% load.

    I too would go with the corsair.
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    parithosh93 said:
    but the cooler master has more power on the +12v rail, although its on a dual +12v rail.

    actually they both have just about the same amount of amps on their 12v but the corsair can deliver over 500w (even though it labeled 450w) of continuous power with ease. I highly doubt the CM can do that even though its labeled 600w. CM is notorious for over rating their PSU.

    corsair review
    You will bring home a relatively inexpensive power supply that even though is sold as being a 450 W unit can deliver up to 570 W at 48º C – in fact Corsair could have easily labeled this power supply as a 500 W unit, but they preferred to stay on the safe side.
  5. but the thing is the price of a cooler master 600 is only $36(second hand n gettin from a friend), but a corsair is like $63(again gettin it from a friend, second hand), so which is better?
  6. why pay $65 for a used PSU when a new one is $65 plus a $10 mail in rebate?
  7. An OC'ed 4500 and a 5770? Get the Corsair 400W. Last I saw it was like $30 after rebate new from newegg. You don't need a massive PSU.
  8. the thing is im not from the u.s, in india the prices are waaaay more different. so will the $65 for a corsair be worth it?
  9. i honestly cant say, im not familiar with your market's prices
  10. well.... in India corsair and antec are priced nearly double.. dnt know much abt corsair but antec is double the price...
    you can go with corsair or Tagan..both are good
  11. Tagan would be a cheaper solution...
  12. and yeah where do you live in india?
    if you are close to delhi or bnglr you can get it cheaper
  13. can you tell me some place in bangalore which accepts paypal?...or atleast in india and accepts paypal?
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