New Imac released why so primitive ?

Can any one tell me why Apple is using such primitive parts in their new Imac's or only have limited weak upgrade options for custom build one ?

USB2.0 Say what my $1400 Asus 6 months old i7 laptop has 1x USB 3.0 and ati5870 mobile video card and 8gb ram.

If lucky you can get a Intel i5 in a 21" Imac with no option to install a headless server equivalent video card like Ati5750.

What are they smoking on San Jose ???
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  1. Not sure what problem you see with them, they are all packing new i3s or i5s, and when you are shoving everything inside the case of an LCD screen you dont exactly have the option to use a high power graphics card because heat would become a major problem very quickly. A lot of the price for an iMac is due to it being an apple, but even though they are overpriced i still find it impressive to be able to shove all the components of a computer into an over sized LCD screen.
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