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Im looking for an mATX case with awesome airflow and well cool looks i like the look of both the NZXT Vulcan and the In win Dragon Slayer but I can only get the Dragon slayer over here in New Zealand, what other cool mATX towers are there? i dont really like the look of the CM ones though,

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  1. Hey supconerfused.

    Did you have a budget in mind for your mATX case, or a local website in new zealand for purchasing computer parts?

    The dragon slayer will be a good case for airflow since it has: 1 x 140mm top custom fan, 1 x 90mm rear fan, and a 80mm HDD fan at the front. Just keep in mind it's a bottom mounted PSU so make sure your PSU cables will be long enough to reach the motherboard, but you could always buy an ATX cable extender if it's a problem. It has great airflow and overall a lot of room inside.
  2. I usually just use its one of the ones with the giant database of companies and their products etc
  3. In-win Dragon Slayer is cool go for it.
    This is the review -
  4. I think some Australian shops ship to NZ? They have the Vulcan.
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