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Comcast Blocked my port 25

Last response: in Networking
March 25, 2010 2:41:53 AM

Ok so I have a notebook that I am trying to fix for a friend and yesterday I connected it to my network to try and run a virus scan. The computer is obviously hijacked there are many popups the virus s/w has long expired. So about 4AM I get an email saying that comcast blocked me b/c of spam coming from one of my computers and that I would not be able to use Outlook(i dont use Outlook anymore gmail mostly I dont use Comcast either they completely LOST a few of my emails.) I know them blocking my port 25 is going to cause me to have some sort of unforeseen problem in the future has anyone else had this happen? The computer was not connected to my network long it was only connected via wireless g probably for an hour. It wont even stay on long enough to do much it restarts after about 4 mins.

They didnt even warn me they just blocked me if they would of warned me I would of disconnected the offending computer.

I found this:

heres the email

Customer Security Assurance Notice

Dear Comcast Customer:

Action Taken:
In an effort to help prevent spam and ensure the security of our network and customers, Comcast has modified your modem’s settings to prevent the sending of email on port 25. That is the default port email programs such as Outlook Express use to send email. We’ve taken this action because we may have detected virus-like activity from your modem or received reports from other email providers that mail from your modem generated complaints from their users. Please read this message to understand how this action may impact your ability to send email and what you should do next.

Comcast Webmail Users:
If you use a web browser to access your email, this action will not affect your ability to send or receive e-mail. This action also does not affect any non-Comcast webmail services.

Email Program Users (Outlook Express, Outlook, MacMail, etc.):
If you use an email program, this action will disable your program’s ability to send email until you change your email program settings to send email on port 587. Port 587 uses authentication and is an industry-recommended alternative to port 25. If you use Outlook Express and email, Comcast has provided a simple one click fix for you to use with Internet Explorer. If you use another email program such as MacMail, Eudora, or Thunderbird, please visit our client page for information on how to change the settings for sending email in your email program.

If you are not using email and use another email provider, please contact your provider for its recommended port settings. Most email providers offer an alternative to port 25 for sending email.

All Users:
To help protect your security and privacy, it is important to regularly check for and remove any possible viruses from your computer. You can do this using the comprehensive security suite available from Comcast to subscribers at no additional charge or by using other popular antivirus solutions that are widely available. In addition, Comcast recommends that you secure any wireless network in the home and that the operating systems on your computers be updated regularly with the latest security enhancements. Please visit the security channel for more information and tips on how to enjoy a safe and secure online experience.

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March 25, 2010 2:49:09 AM

what a coincidence I've received another computer with the identical ave.exe and vista security tool malware.
March 25, 2010 2:57:59 AM

Well they did provide some alternatives, port 587 for Comcast servers, or perhaps an alternative port if you use another email provider. Do either of these alternatives work for you? I just can't tell if you’re merely complaining or need a solution.

One way around it would be to use a proxy, either a public proxy, one hosted by a friend, or even a VPN.
March 25, 2010 3:19:17 AM

So far I see no problems I havent used my XP system much. Im not sure of any programs that I have that use port 25.

Ultimately it may not effect me but Comcast limiting customers as such is not right.