Worklog/finished build **lots of pic's inside**

Finally!, Its complete for at least a year, Happy days.
So a while ago I got bitten bad by the upgrade bug, this was when I had a E8400 @ 4Ghz, 4GB of OCZ 800Mhz CL5, ASUS P5Q-E, Cooler Master Real Power M700, Cooler Master HAF 932 and a Palit/Visiontek HD4870 @ 790/1000. At this time my LAN friends had upgraded to Q6600’s and Q9550’s and so left me in the dirt and wanting to upgrade too (The E8400 is a very good chip, but it can’t multitask like a quad)
I decided not to go for the Q6600 as my LAN friends weren’t having much luck getting over 3Ghz, the release of the Core i7 920 came but I just didn’t have the funds for it, but was adamant on getting it.
After saving for what felt like a lifetime I finally had the money to get the Core i7 920 and of course a X58 board and some DDR3 triple channel RAM. The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 and the RAM is 3 x 1GB OCZ 1333Mhz CL7.
Mixing the old with the new:

Not pretty by any standards, too many colours, terrible cable management and a horrible grey colour of the Cooler Master HAF932.
Next up was to sort out that Cooler Master Power supply, There was a nasty humming noise coming from it when I was doing anything 3D, apparently this is called “coil Whine”, Regardless of what it’s called I wanted it gone. I opted for a Corsair HX850 as a upgrade, I also couldn’t resist a HD5850!.
I decided it was time to venture into the world of watercooling for two main reasons
1) I really don’t enjoy the sound of loud fans
2) I want the most out of my hardware and air cooling can only do so much

Still Ugly :pfff:

So here we have multi-coloured wires everywhere and my HD5850 at stock , Just won’t do.
It was time to sort it out.
So I brought a EK FC HD5850 block and added my HD5850 to the loop, this did wonders for the noise levels and overclock ability thanks to the huge reduction in temps.
I also started some cable braiding, I didn’t want to void my Corsair HX850 7 year warranty so instead I got some extension cables and braided them. :love:

Not many major adjustments to go now, however the next one is a big one, The case, the Cooler Master HAF932 is a great case in terms of performance, However it has a few things that in my opinion let it down. First off, its appearance isn’t pleasing to the eye, way too much plastic at the front and a nasty grey colour interior, secondly there isn’t any dust filters…anywhere so all your expensive components get caked in dust very quickly….Here’s an example of what I’m on about.

Thats just one months worth of dust! Ewww! :(

Got to love the Corsair Obsidian 800D, Soooo much space to work with, dust filters, all black and a sizable window.

Looks a lot cleaner now, no more rainbow cables….In fact not many cables on show at all thanks to the outstanding cable management of the Corsair Obsidian 800D, I really can’t fault this case, it came in perfect condition, no marks or scratches anywhere.

Next came the second card, a Waterblock for it, some phoyba compression fittings, bitspower 45 degree adapters, a EK Coolstream XT 120 rad and some cold cathodes that were DOA :/

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    Some final images for your viewing pleasure.

  3. Great looking piece there man, I'm liking the arty B+W shots too :P
    White hoses do look kinda funky
  4. Motopsychojdn said:
    Great looking piece there man, I'm liking the arty B+W shots too :P
    White hoses do look kinda funky

    Thank you! ;) White tubing does it for me :lol:
  5. Temps with MSI Kombuster

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