4850 Too hot to handle

I recently have been experiencing extreme overheating with my saphire 4850 which is 2years old now..usually my idle temps used to be 50 nd load 85max.. recently been experiencing 75 in idle with fan speed 80% nd up2 110 C under load. I have a side intake fan 90mm nd 1200 mm exhaust at the back of the cpu. 80 mm in front of hdd nd 80mm exhaust on top. mid tower case..any advice
i notice plenty of artifacts in games too.
System specs
Athlon Phenom X4 9650
2gb raam
m2n sli deluxe
x fi xtreme audio
320b hdd
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  1. I would recommend you take apart the card and clean out all the dust from the fan and the heatsink, also clean off the old thermal paste and replace it with some quality thermal paste like MX-3 or Arctic Silver 5.
    Make sure your case fans are clean and that you have good cable management inside your case.
  2. what omg stated. looks like the HSF needs to be reseated.

    you have plenty of air flow through your case.
  3. ok..but i've never opened up a heatsink of a gpu before can anyone post a link for a how to article..
  4. its just like a cpu in a mobo, most HSF are attached by four spring screws

    these two videos may help


  5. thanks alot..great help :)
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